Un forum Rpg basé sur la série transformers prime et qui prend effet entre la saison 2 et 3.

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    Lun 28 Aoû - 23:58
    Message par Backfire - index
    Ici est mon index.

    backfire the independent transport)
    Faction: (Ex-decepticon)
    Grade: (ex-decepticon archivist and energon transporter.)
    Origin: (Cybertron)
    > Physical Appearance <
    Size: (Taille 4.3)
    Gender: (male)
    (Pathblaster, scatterblaster.)
    Specialization: (engineer)
    Physical description :
    (An image-resized to 400 wide by max- or 5 lines)
    Alternative form:
    (Triple changer who is partially a transport for energon. Looks like Octone’s tanker truck configuration with ten wheels in total and a green stripe down both sides. Second mode is a large jet plane with green striped continuing down the wings. (( wings are the sides of the tanker truck)) with an orange cockpit canopy and folding wings. Instead of transporting energon in this mode, Backfire transports bots.)
    > Psychology <
    Nickname: nA
    Alignment: (neutre bon)
    Reputation: (friendly space-bus)
    In the Decepticons:
    At the Autobots:
    Pet ': (Kremzeek named toaster)
    (Doesn’t like to decide for himself. Won’t speak up if he disagrees. Leaving the decepticons is the biggest thing he’s done for himself but he feels guilty so he’ll help them out from time to time with transportation.)
    Special features:(na)
    (Backfire makes friends wherever he goes and joined the decepticons to help get rid of the functionalist council. He loves inventing and was only ever able to be a transport under the old regime. supplies to each side for credits)
    > Background <
    (Perfectly content to transport decepticons and supplies so he could work on his perpetual motion machine he was finally happy until megatron started his talks about domination. Backfire was scared to betray his friends in the decepticon army though so he stayed with them until finally he had enough and one day never returned from an energon mission. He still keeps in contact with his decepticon friends but is now enjoying being able to make autobot friends too. He keeps himself and his kremzeek fed by transporting.)
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